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You know the best only if you have experienced the worst

I used to hear my Aussie colleagues complain early in the morning: “Sorry, I am late today, it was horrible. I was stuck in the middle of the traffic getting nowhere, how could it be getting so bad?” “And I’ve got a ticket for a little bit speeding at school zone, I hated driving in those rich areas, it’s so easy to get fine.”


“I wouldn’t complain.” I said. “Compared to Shanghai, it is much much better here in Melbourne. You know, in Shanghai, sometimes in peak hours, walking might be faster than driving a car.”


“Oh, well, but when I was a teenager, it was peace and quiet, so easy to drive.” One Aussie lady continued.


I see. We came from the difficult background. I might have experienced the worst traffic jam in Shanghai, so I always feel happy when it’s getting better. Poor Aussies, as they are used to the relaxing way of driving, they can’t stand any disorder.


The time I lived on campus, winter was like heaven to me, nice and warm with heaters on 8 months a year.  I was shocked when I heard one Malaysian girl’s voice: “Emma, it’s freezing cold here, I’ve got sore throat. I miss Malaysia very much. I can’t stand the winter no more.”  “Really, are you kidding me? I couldn’t feel winter at all in Melbourne.  Hey, if you feel cold, why you don’t wear socks?  It is winter, girl. ”


When I was a child, there’s no heater at all in Shanghai, the temperature inside was exactly the same as outside- minus 0. It usually took a while for the ice melting. My bed was as cold as iron, sometimes, the whole night I couldn’t feel warm with my feet straight forward. Even in the classroom, I couldn’t concentrate on study as my feet were next to frozen.


That make sense, the Malaysia girl came from a tropical country. Obviously, all the disadvantages have turned out to be benefits to me, I am becoming stronger than someone who are used to the comfortable lifestyle.


Eventually after I broke the chain, left that state-run company which drove me mental. Since then, I enjoyed the freedom so much, I didn’t have to care about other people whether they were happy about you study or not. It had nothing to do with them at all. Therefore, I treasured the time I had without wasting one more minute.


On the other hand, In Shanghai, the majority of my younger classmates who were pushed hard by their parents, once they went to the Uni, nobody was really interested in study. Then they spent most time chatting, wondering, wow, how much freedom they’ve got in the Uni without the monitoring under their parents.  They might not realize the Uni time wasted until one day they no longer have enough time study whatever they like as employees who work in the office.


If it is so easy for you to have what you want, even if you are in paradise, you probably wouldn’t appreciate the best moment for you’ve got. Only if someone has experienced the hardship, then they will enjoy the most than anyone else.


Therefore, it is really not necessarily for anyone to complain or jealous of someone who has already gained what you are looking for. Even if you are born of poor or with competitive disadvantages , you can still be a lucky one, as you have experienced the worst situation, as long as you try very hard keep moving on, you will  feel  much happier than any people who are on the same boat as you by getting things so easily without trying their efforts. Trust me, this is the truth.


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