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you can make your heart feel like singing only if you discover what you love

Eventually I have set up my wechat subscription account yesterday: Englishpassion. Everyone is most welcome join, but I will still keep writing blogs on DIOENGLISH.


One reason for me set it up because I was encouraged by a few relatives and their friends who were quite interested in something happening overseas. The most important reason as I have discovered that I have passion for writing and hopefully one day there will be more readers because it can fulfil my potential, it’s absolutely not for making money or to be famous, I suppose if for that purpose, writing will make me nervous and has no fun. A lot of people become popular in the end, because they found their talents by doing things they enjoy no matter got paid or not, that’s the happy accidents for being successful.


Why writing is perfectly fits me? There are several reasons:


1.      I am fascinated about conquer obstacles in order to reach my goal. As I’ve noticed there are heaps of writers with more than 100,000+ fans for their writing, for me, I am just a beginner, only have 17 fans,183 views , thanks goodness because one of my relatives helped me for  forwarding the first post. But I am not worry about that; as there’s always hope if my readers can be gradually increased day by day. I don’t jealous or compared with those writers who has already reached the top of the mountain, that’s no joy for me, just like now I have already got PR, so that’s the end of the journey. I am on the new path, which is full of excitement.


2.      I am interested in collecting things. I can’t afford to collect antiques. But I love collecting something intangible which makes me perfectly happy, eg, quotes, beautiful inspiring sentences, interesting topics, pop songs, jazz music, photos etc. If I only input these things without outputting, that will make me feel stagnant. Therefore, writing is an effective way for complete that process. On my Wechat subscription account: I like add one song for one article, and also related photos which bring me the wonderful memory for what happened to my life.



3.      I love sharing concepts and ideas to mind-like people. I am a person who is easily accept new ideas, and I enjoy writing these new concepts by adding some supported interesting stories, which makes me busy and full, it’s never been a waste of time, no matter the time I talk to someone, or read books, or join activities, or watch a TV show, I can always get inspired for forming a new concept, which is an amazing part for writing.


4.      I am keen to learn new things. I have never stopped studying until finished degree in the Uni. Suddenly; I found my life was soo bored and empty, which made me feel like a retired person, even in Australia I was living in an admirable life. I didn’t know why. Until I discovered my interests: writing. Then I started reading books. It’s like fish in the water, I am becoming so active, energetic, and I feel soo happy whenever I read these inspiring sentences from the notes on the train, waiting in the queue, even walking on the street. I would like memorize those beautiful sentences, feels like I am back to the uni again. Without learning, my mind will stuck, so it pushes me keep reading and its rewarding.



5.      Positive attitude I am a person like see the water half full, that’s the most things I enjoy:  reading motivational articles, quotes or talking with someone full of positive energy. Therefore, I would love show those positive things to the readers who has the same interests, and get inspired, encouraged, excited by reading my articles.

6.      I am a stronger believer for hard work and persistence: I always believe that if I try really hard for doing what I love, keep going, bring benefits to the readers and good value to the society, then one day my dream will come true—I will have so many readers can be inspired from reading my useful articles.


I am not a professional writer, as I am doing a job 8 hours a day for pay my bills, the rest of time, I can pursue my hobby, fulfil my potential, I feel my life is so full, I have never felt so good ever since.


In a word, I love writing as I am a positive person who like collecting things for sharing with mind-like people, I will be more than happy if my ideas be accepted by readers who can also get inspired, feel useful by my articles. I strongly believe if I try hard for doing what I love which brings good value to the society, it will make me feel like in the heaven, and I am not afraid of fail, as I enjoy conquer difficulties.


Everyone, if you wanna have a fulfilled life, spend time discover what you really love and take action by using your strengths, one day you can make your heart feel like singing.


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