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you can boost your self-confidence if you fill your bucket full

Nobody is perfect; everyone has his or her own strengths or weaknesses. It all related to your attitude being positive or negative, which makes a huge difference between high or low self-esteem.


There are some interesting cases:


Some lucky ones are excellent for being themselves. However, they are stuck by their family background, which are poor or parents break-up relationship.


Actually, why don’t you think from positive side, you could be  more independent than anyone else who have to reply on their parents for having a good job sort of, or you could be stronger for coping with difficulties as you have experienced the worst time in your life.


Probably you should be very proud of yourself that one day you could use your talents for changing the life of yourself rather than waiting and complaining how bad fortune you’ve got.



Also some people were born of competitive disadvantages, they could not change the situation, but they could change their attitude for being a very different person.


I know quite a few guys in my dancing place, surprisingly; they are shorter than me, which means they are shorter than 160cm. I can tell from their facial expression and the way they treat women, some guys are worried about their height very much, they are too scared to invite a girl dance like most normally height guys do. But a few guys practice dancing very hard, in the end they dance with girls with self-confidence.


I was very impressed by one man, my god, he might be the shortest Aussie I have ever seen, must be 155cm below I guess, but I felt he was the centre, the prince of the night in the dancing hall as he invited all the pretty girls danced with no hesitation, which was full of self-confidence. Quite a lot of handsome tall guys with poor dancing skills couldn’t compete with him at all.


How powerful  positive thinking was as he focused on his strengths, what he could make it better by using his own effort ( good dancing skill, perfect body shape ( being gym or exercises) rather than the one he could never change(height).




And also one thing catches my attention. In China, generally speaking, a high-educated girl won’t marry a guy who has only completed high school education unless he’s very rich. A guy with a blue collar job might be too scared to chase up a girl who works in the office.


However, in Australia, marriage won’t be judged by what qualifications you’ve got. An electrician or a plumber is very easily getting married with a pretty high educated girl who works in the office. As the buys won’t be told: “You are useless, you are nothing and you are nobody” by the whole society just because they are not entering the Uni, but definitely are very capable of doing practical work.




Again in China, a lot of students are living under the negative environment, as they have been taught that if they couldn’t enter into a famous uni, they are doomed to be a looser. Not only from the teachers but also they get that impression from family members and friends.




I know it is extremely hard for you to stand up by telling yourself that you have your own special talent apart from study and being a good student. But if you can’t see the strengths of yourself, if you can’t convince yourself that you have talents to the society, how can you change your fate? And no one else can help you except yourself.


Therefore, fill your bucket full with positive thinking, pay attention to what you’ve got rather than you haven’t, focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses, which is essential for you live with high self-confidence and being successful.

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