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you can be the one who you admire most

You can be the one you want

There’s no doubt that you can be the one who you admire most.


I was very happy when some girls told me: “Wow, I admire you very much, you can stand out for being yourself with self-confidence and determination.”


Yes, I am pretty sure that you also can be the one who you want to be.


a low self-esteem teenager

When I was a teenager, with low self-esteem, I thought I was an ugly duckling because I was not a good student in my class.


I used to hate studying so much as I could never recite exactly the same sentences from textbooks as what teachers requested me to do every day.


Then I completely stuck on that point for many years, even my Dad was so ashamed to attend my parents’ meeting.


Obviously, I was not on the good students’ list.


Then I dropped out of the school at an early age, meanwhile, I realized that I could never ever return back to school even I really really wanna to in a couple of years’ time. How miserable !!! Stupid school policy!!!
I admired SanMao in my 20s

In my 20s, I admired one popular author from TaiWan, her name is: SanMao.


One reason I liked her as she’s also dropped school early, and then she’s pursuing her dream as a writer.


Her creative life being overseas was so interesting and amazing, which touched my heart so much.


Then I told myself I wish one day I could have the same lifestyle as SanMao for writing down books regarding traveling and life experience from communicating with friends all over the world. How fascinating !!

An impossible dream

But that was totally impossible for a girl like me from mainland China, studying overseas was not popular at all in the early of 1990s.

If Aussies you know the history of China, then you will understand that it was such a big dream at that time, it is just like Aussies you decide to move to the Mars, which is very unrealistic.

But I still held a dream as there’s a light ahead: my Aunt was in the USA.

Taught myself English

The first thing, I decided to learn English so that I could take TOEFL test.

My English was almost zero as my previous education was crap.

Even I didn’t know how to pronounce English properly because I used to write down Chinese under English sentences at school.

Therefore, I bought an English pronunciation book and tape record. I taught myself how to pronounce properly by looking up the dictionary for each vocabulary.

To start with, I could never move on as I failed over and over and over.

But I didn’t give up because there’s a dream ahead, if I stopped learning English, my life would be so meaningless.

Achieved the dream in my 30s

Eventually, I achieved the dream in my 30s- to be an overseas student.

Now, my dream has almost come true, I have experienced exciting life which was just like what SanMao wrote in her books.

From this year, I am writing my own stories, though I don’t have as many readers as her, but eventually I got started.

Now it’s my turn, someone else is admiring my lifestyle.

One thing I can confirm you: yes, you can, please never ever give up; you can be the one you like.

It is possible as long as you believe you can and start doing it.

learn how to dance-salsa and buchata

In my 20s, at dance parties, I was the shy one who only sat and watched people dancing, though I admired them so much, but I thought I was stupid who could never dance very well.

In my 40s, I enrolled Salsa dance lessons, I went to the classes once or twice a week and attended dance parties twice a month.

Now, I have very much self-confidence for dancing with handsome guys, even I can teach those younger ones who are at beginner level.

swim with kids

Again, in Australia, most people can swim very well, I have never got a chance to learn when I was a child.

Therefore, I joined beginner level swimming classes for adults, I felt a bit awkward when I had classes with little kids in the same swimming pool, but never mind, who cares.

We can start learning new things at any age.

Now, some young people even admire me as they can only do breaststroke, however, I can do freestyle as well.

maintain a good body shape

After Uni, I was becoming lazy and I was shocked as I suddenly gained 4KGs by being a couch potato, lying on the sofa, eating potato chips and watching TV.

But I do admire ladies who can keep fit with nice body shape in their 40s, therefore, I made a decision and then I attended Gym for 4 years.

Now I am doing walking, jogging and running when summer’s coming.

In order to maintain a certain weight, I am focusing on a healthy lifestyle. I cook own meals  so that I can have fresh vegetables most of the day, which I won’t eat much if I go to a restaurant in Australia and normally I drink plenty of water instead of soft drink( no, I don’t drink at all.)

An ideal me

At the beginning of this year, I had a lesson: design a life you love.

I was asked: what was the ideal you?

I told myself : I wanna to be elegant, looks nice.

I used to never care about shoes and bags, only spent money carelessly for buying heaps of clothes, then there was no enough room to store them.

Now, I realize that good quality leather shoes and leather bags are essential for matching up clothes, which will make me look much better.

Therefore, I bought fewer clothes, with a certain amount of money, I bought Italy-made shoes and bags, a very good one can last forever, and it will never out of date.

So actually, I don’t have to buy each year.

I don’t jealous someone who is driving a BMW as I don’t drive at all, so that’s not what I want.

But I do spoil myself for buying 1 luxury thing each year,eg, a designed Italy-made leather bag , a wallet or a belt, just for making myself look good and feel good.

Now in my 40s, I have more confidence than I was in my 20s.

When I open up wechat nearby for writing purpose, there are more than 300 requests for friends, though I have accepted a very limited number as I don’t like people who only care about my profile photo.

However, nice photos do matter as it is your first impression to others and it represents your lifestyle, what kind of people you are.

Even in real life, I am very proud that I could be still sought after in my 40s, it is not like years ago what people in China called mature age ladies: “Old Cabbage Skin”.

No, I don’t feel like in that way, so rude and discouraging for women.


yes, you can be a better version of yourself

Therefore, how to build up yourself to be a marvelous one, it doesn’t matter who you are at the moment, it is more related to what kind of person you want to be in the future.

Please think about what you really really want, then write down and make a plan, get yourself started.

In 10 years’ time, you will be amazed that you could be so attractive for being a better version than who you are now.

I don’t know who I admire at the moment, but I do attract by some writers who get more followers than me, so I will keep writing and reading until one day, the magic happens


Please never ever underestimate yourself, you can be the one you like.

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