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You are not that old if you start pursuing your dream from today

When I turned to 30, I was stressed for my age as all the job advertisings for the younger people in Shanghai. Also I was not that comfortable as I was the oldest woman in the class when I returned back to the Uni, especially I heard one young teacher pointed to a picture from an oral English class: “That old woman” “What?” I thought,” Are you talking to me?” I was very sensitive.


I am not sure if you have heard a phrase for elder women: “LaoCaiPi”, when I translated it into English: “Old Cabbage Skin” and told one Aussie friend, my friend laughed at me “ Hahaha, Sweetolive, that’s terrible, how rude!!” “I know, but that’s the way it is.”


I was also very worried about not getting a visa, as it was said, if you were over 30, the chance for a student visa was very little at the beginning of 21st century, but I had no choice as it took me 10 years made a decision for quitting the job working in a state-run company, I was out.


The only thing I could do was study as hard as possible, let’s wait and see what would happen to me.  To be honest, it was not as easy as I said now; I didn’t get much hope for the future. Miracle occurred, after I using my brain, muscles, nerves, every part of my body full of the idea of study, a dumb student eventually won the scholarship from Latrobe Uni in Australia. Naturally, visa was granted.


Indeed, I was frustrated for the age until I went overseas. Suddenly, I felt I was not that old at all as most Aussies look much older than Asians. I relieved when I studied with younger generation even lived with them on the same floor.


I was excited as I could be regarded as a normal Uni student as anyone else, unlike in China, if you can’t get into a Uni through college entrance exam, even you study in the Uni by  attending self-study exam , or some foreign run join Uni program, you will be treated as different, make you feel inferior to others.


However, it’s not in Australia, I recon that’s the discrimination. A person who gets a Master or Doctor degree could be superior than someone has a lower degree, that’s non-sense. I find it is only a personal choice for having a higher degree, doesn’t mean anything to me.


Through 3 years hard study in Australia, Eventually, I got a degree Bachelor of Commerce and also PR be granted after passing IELTS test, my dream came true. You might be surprised as I also got an accounting job in an Aussie company at the age of 40, which I competed with someone in their 20s.


Therefore, why worry about your age, I suggest you start making a plan for your dream as early as possible; however, you still have hope even if you have missed out the opportunities as long as you are really passionate about something you haven’t done.


I am having salsa dance classes for keeping good shape, which make me feel active and energetic while I am dancing with most 20 years old ones. Last year, I started swimming beginner level class, my god, since I joined; the average age of my group suddenly went up. Now I can swim free style and backstroke very well. I am learning breaststroke just from a few weeks ago.  Before that I did 4 years gym and had yoga classes. In summer, I also do running, jogging along the seaside and parks.


The most exciting news, I have created wechat subscription no. Englishpassion a few weeks ago. Believe me or not, the majority of my fans are young generation from China. I was shocked as I can see a lot of handsome Aussie guys followed me from Melbourne. (The majority Aussies use real name and real profile photos.)

In China, you might have to pay for chatting with foreigners, But here, since I opened up Englishpassion, a lot of handsome Aussie guys wanna text  me, I replied to them: “ Thanks for join me, you are most welcome read my articles and make comments, no personal chatting please.”  I know, if I talk to everyone, I have to give up writing and I can’t do anything on my dream list.

My life is a miracle at the moment, as I can’t see through what will happen in the future for my Englishpassion, I feel full since I am having a new dream.


Hey, guys, have you found your passion, if you think you are too old to start a new dream; then please think about Sweetolive, you will get encouragement and energy from my articles.


I can tell you, even if you are living in paradise and surrounded by a bunch of hot girls or handsome rich guys, the feeling is different from you chasing up your own dream. I hope you try it as early as you can, and let me know your story one day.


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