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Wechat people nearby

In my life, I have never ever opened up Wechat people nearby.


I remembered once it was opened accidentally, it was like getting virus to me, immediately I deleted all the friends requests as I thought those were bad people type.


Because in China, Wechat is connected to bank account, you can use it for shopping, taking a taxi etc. , each  Wechat account has been created under a registered telephone number.


It is as important as a credit card, not in Melbourne though.


And it is said, if someone unknown send you a link,you’d  better don’t open it, your bank account is likely to be hacked.


Therefore, I was too scared to accept anyone except the one I knew in real life, keeping my account closed was the best way to protect myself.

However, a few months ago, I set up my writing account: Englishpassion.


I’ve got some readers join in from original blog place (I have only been there for a few months), so there are not many.


But I need more readers.


Therefore, I thought of an idea: probably I should open nearby people, so that more people can join me, which encourages me keep writing and reading.


The result turned out to be great, there are increasingly numbers of people keep coming.


To my surprise, most of them are really nice and friendly.


They are not that bad people type as what I imagined.


There are a lot of different types: eg, professionals, writers, engineers, teachers, students, new immigrants, travellers.

Some are highly educated, graduated from Melbourne Uni with a decent job, some are doing their businesses successfully,or someone is really interested in Chinese culture etc.


They are amazing people; they might need friendship just like me the first time arriving in Australia, I was  looking forward to make new friends.

So far there are around 60 people from nearby have joined Englishpassion, but most guys just sent friends requests; probably I can receive 10 each day.


For the first day, I accepted everyone and told them no personal chatting, if they didn’t joinEnglishpassion within one month, the name would be deleted from my friends’ list.


Someone said: “You don’t talk, you only write.” “That’s right.” I said. ” Bye.” “Bye.”


One guy wanted meet me, I said no. In the end, he got angry,deleted me.


Oh, well, that’s fair enough; who cares.


Then after a couple of weeks, I deleted half of them who haven’t joined Englishpassion.


But then I felt guilty as it’s not a good idea for accepting and then deleting them.


Therefore, I changed my management, I only accept people sending nice words which sound like mind-like people or someone with nice and healthy profile photos.


If they only say: “Hi, sweety, you are beautiful, can we have a chat,  gorgeous,  sexy.”


Then forget about it,I am not for sexy or beautiful thing, I am here for finding mind-like people.”


One guy kept sending me friend’ requests; in the end, I accepted him for his persistency and he said he wanted to be Confucius sort of person.


I wished him good luck, sure you can do it.


One young man is pretty interesting as he asked me to write :“ How the jobs become jobs.”


He might thought I was a professional writer, actually I am not that good at writing, only write things I am familiar with.


Here I would like confirm him: if you are interested in certain area , please do a research about it, you might be a great writer later, and I am glad to be one of your readers.


“Yes, you can make it.” I wanna say.

I have been interrupted by people keep sending me: “ hi, how are you, good morning or do you have time, can we have a cup of coffee please?”


I do appreciate their attention and kindness, however, I can’t send back to them, once I reply one message, there will be endless texting.


Then I couldn’t do anything on my dream list.


Sorry, guys, if I don’t reply to you, please understand my situation, because if  I reply to everyone, then I have no time do my writing and reading and I also need to do lots lots of other things.


However, you are most welcome make comments or leave messages for my articles or just tell me your stories, I love hearing interesting  things from you very much.


And I will always reply people who have already joined Englishpassion because they are my sincere readers.


I can’t believe one thing, in real life, people are so conservative, look cold and indifferent, nobody says hello to each other.


Even in my apartment, on the elevator, very few people who say hi to someone else, which gives me an impression- people in Melbourne are not friendly at all.


But when it goes online, all the handsome and nice men said hello to me, which shocked me a lot.


Probably the world is changing; we are no longer making friends in an old traditional way.


It’s just like find a job, start from online.


Now I know people nearby is not that bad type as what I imagined.


They are exactly the same as we see in real life; there are good ones and bad ones.


People are just too shy to say hello in real life as they are afraid of being refused, how embarrassing!!

While online, if say“ Hello” , even  there’s no one reply, that’s all right.


That won’t make them feel bad.


It seems to me finding a friend from nearby people is a new way of communication, we really should change our traditional attitutde: they are not that bad actually.


It has just provided a chance for you meet new people.


I am not sure if it applies in China or not because the population is huge there.


Therefore, that will be very hard to make distinguish who are the suitable friends you are looking for.


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