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we don’t have time for perfect

So many of us believe in perfection, which ruins everything else, because the perfect is not only the enemy of the good;


It’s also the enemy of the realistic, the possible and the fun


–         Rebecca Solnit –



Progress is more important than perfection


–         Simon Sinek –



Stop waiting for the perfect day or the perfect moment..

Take this day, this moment and lead it to perfection.


–         Dr. Steve Maraboli —

On 11/11 Bachelor’s Day in China, you might be surprised by the large amount of single ones who have been titled by a particular name: “Leftover women and leftover men.”


I really don’t think I am impressed by the name, how rude and stressful for the people who are unmarried!!!


Why so many people  remain singles, because they are looking for a perfect wife and a perfect husband with extremely high standard.


You might be told by your family or even relatives and friends:


Now, listen, you can’t find him as your boyfriend as he has no apartment for the marriage, his parents are poor, he doesn’t have a proper job, his salary is so low.
Go away, he is not your dreamed prince.


From a boy’s point of view: she’s not that pretty and attractive, her skin is so dark which looks like come from countryside.


She’s not that feminine, she’s a bit overweight, she had too much previous experience with guys, not a traditional good one.


No, she’s not a proper one for you.



Why don’t you be with someone who is not that perfect, but is willing to give you the perfect love.


A person by adding up with the highest points for your standard doesn’t mean the one who fits you the most.


He might be super rich, but he could be a workaholic, who only cares about work rather than you.
All you need is someone who can share your feeling and understand you very much.


In this case, he’s not the one for you although you have been waiting for ages for a perfect rich man’s coming.


Just find someone who suits you the most, who gives you care, who can talk with and meet the needs of each other.


You are growing together, if it doesn’t work one day, it’s time say good-bye;
If you two have a strong feeling for getting married, why not make it happen.


It also applies in a workplace.


Each graduate student is expecting work in a fortune global 500 company with high salary and nice work environment.


In China, it is a kind of relation-oriented country.


Parents will be so concerned about  their children’s career by using all the efforts and money for finding relatives, colleagues, friends, even friends’ friends.


Whatever kind of relation, as long as their children can get a perfect job.


In some way, a good job guarantees a stable and comfortable life.


On the other hand, the children will miss the chance of experiencing life- being more independent -how try hard to find a job by themselves.


Someone even blame their parents for not being rich enough or with high social status who can help them out.


I am more fascinated by the stories of some of my friends who have tried their best by sending 500 job application letters and got a not that perfect job to start with.


After a few years struggling and keep moving on by work really hard.


Now, one is a manager of a big four bank, the other is working in big 4 accounting firm, and one has eventually realized dream to be a medical doctor etc.


They are amazing as they have stories to tell, they are not looking for perfection, but gradually they’re becoming excellent.


Please do not complain and wait, just do whatever to start with.


You are experiencing life when it’s up and down, and you will become an interesting and special person for having so many stories to tell because you have life experience and know how to conquer difficulties.
The same as speaking and written English, if you have never tried to write down English sentences on a regular basis or have courage to speak out English which are full of grammar mistakes or sentences disorder, then how could  it be possible for your English reach certain level in the end?


Because you are looking for perfection, you are comparing with someone who is better than you, you think they might laugh at your mistakes.


Then you can never get started.
Actually, no one will even have time care about what you are doing.


I know my English writing is full of mistakes compared with native speakers, but I am still keep going, as I hope it will getting better one day.


Please do not wait for perfection, just do it and it will become perfect one day.


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