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secrets of happiness and fulfillment

Attaining lasting happiness requires that we enjoy the journey on our way toward a destination we deem valuable.

Happiness is not about making it to the peak of the mountain nor is it about climbing aimlessly around the mountain;


Happiness is the experience of climbing toward the peak.


You will not be happy if you do something or have something, because happiness is not the end state.


It is something that we continuously have to work towards for as long as we live.


BenShaharis convinced that we can be happier each day, instead of putting our happiness in the hands of other people or looking for it in outside events and material things.


– Tal Ben-Shahar ( Harvard University)


I totally agree what BenShahar explained about happiness, as the happiest moment I experienced was the time I first arrived Australia when I had a goal to achieve.


As an overseas student with poor English, I luckily got a part time cleaning job, and lived on a budgeted rate with discount food available in the supermarket that was not that fresh, moreover, no take away and dining out can be afforded.


Compared to the time I lived in Shanghai before I went overseas, it was not unusual having dinner at the best restaurants, buying the most fashionable clothes at the best didn’t have to go to work if I chose to stay at home.
department stores, it was also not hard to find a cleaner doing housework and I


But I didn’t feel much happier until I experienced the worst time in Australia; I had met really nice people who had helped me out when I was nothing at all to them.
I was very struggled to fight out a path to reach my goal, but that was the most amazing part which brought me energy to live in a fulfillied life.


As I wrote before,after I’ve got everything, a Uni degree, permanent residency, a job, a nice place to live and can afford wherever I would like go on a holiday or buy luxury stuff.


But I lost the feeling of excitement, I felt as bored as the time I was in China.

Then I spent time doing research what was the missing part, I realized happiness is absolute not related to whether you live in the paradise or not, it is more related to whether you have set up a goal and put your effort to achieve it, on the way, you can experience something amazing..


That’s the way I set up my wechat account: Englishpassion, as I enjoy the process climbing from the bottom to the top of the mountain.


It’s a new me now, while I’ve got exactly the same feeling as the first time I arrived Australia- half fear, half scare, but lots of fun.


Friends, if you wanna experience fulfilled life, no one else can help you out as you can only rely on yourself to find your passion, set up a goal and take massive action to achieve it.
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