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Please don’t judge people by your limiting beliefs

Chinese drivers could be very good  

I’ve heard quite a few Aussie said: Chinese are really bad drivers, I hate driving in those areas, such as Box Hill, Doncaster.


How could it be possible Chinese people drive soooo slow? Someone even complains: If they don’t know how to drive fast, then don’t do it.

Once, I argued with my friend: “Oh, no, that is not the truth, we Chinese are very good drivers.”


Chinese in Melbourne are not good at driving, probably most of them are young students, driving is new to them.


And Mums who seldom drive as they used to live in the big cities of China, it is not necessary for them to drive around like in Australia.


For guys, even if they were professional drivers in China, that would still be hard for them to drive fast in a completely new country.

Because they are not very familiar with the rules, road conditions and the driving seat is on the different side.

In addition, some of them have problems in understanding English signs, which makes it harder.”

“No, they are bad. I saw some of them really bad.” My friend disagreed with me.


“Shut up, silly man, you have never been to China, how can you judge people like that?” I argued.


You know, in China, especially big cities like Shanghai, Beijing that would be extremely difficult to drive.


The road is full of pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes.


I guess Aussies will have problems drive there, let alone compete with drivers in those cities.


Because Chinese drivers are used to the huge population and very complicated road conditions in China, so they can drive fast without hesitating which way to go.


However, if Aussies are new to a country, no matter how excellent driving skills you have mastered, you won’t be able to drive as fast as locals who were born in the city unless you have been living there for a while and understand Chinese Mandarin sign very well.

Therefore, please be more tolerant to the newcomers.

There are good Chinese students in Australia

One gentleman asked: “My friend said that in some Asian countries, if students couldn’t enter into the best Uni in their home country, then they would study overseas, like Australia, USA or Canada, is that right?”


Yes or No, In China, I knew some friends who didn’t get satisfied Academic scores for entering the best Uni, and then they studied 2 years in China, another 2 years in Australia.


However, it is not because all of them failed the requirements for the best Uni in China, then they have to study in Australia.


My daughter and her friends, who came to Australia in year 8 or so, they were the top students in China, but their parents decided to send their children to study overseas at an earlier age.


In recent years, some Chinese businessmen emigrate to Australia mainly for their kids to be educated overseas, as the study in China is very competitive.

They don’t wanna their kids to be a study machine, instead of they are looking for a relaxing study environment in a western country.


One girl, she was an excellent student in China, but she gave up the Uni entrance exam as she’s scared of failing enter into a reputable Uni, how much pressure she had to face from her family, friends, school teachers, and relatives.

If she failed into the best Uni, she would have lost self-confidence as she’s supposed to be a good student, she’s got high expectations from others, how could she fail?

Therefore, she studied overseas instead.


I also know some friends who have finished Bachelor’s degree in China, but they continue their education in Australia for a master’s degree.

Study overseas is quite popular in China, it is not only for students who can’t enter into the best Uni, but it also attracts good students who would like to improve their English language and obtain an overseas degree so that they have competitive advantages if they apply for a position in a foreign company in China or having a new life in Australia.

As far as I am concerned, being a top student is not everything, no matter how good or bad students you were, it doesn’t matter.


It is more related to your communication skills, surviving skills, cultural understanding, being independent with self-confident and learn how to conquer difficulties when you are in trouble.

Moreover, whether you can stand out to let your personality shine for being more of you, whether you are using your strength doing what you are good at, or whether you can take immediate action for pursuing a dream you always wanted.

Overseas studying provides huge opportunities for mastering those skills. Therefore, it is worth studying aboard for a couple of years as long as you can afford.

Australia is not only for countryside English

When I was in China, I used to hear Chinese  English teachers said: British English is so standard and beautiful, American English is absolutely fantastic, which is most popular.

Speaking of Australian English, no, it is not real English: G’day, mate.  Nah, that is for countryside people.

Those people have never been to Australia before, they got that impression mainly from movies: eg, Kangaroo Jack. In some movies, Aussies get drunk in a countryside bar and talk with mates with strong countryside accent.

When I had swimming class with one American teacher, I asked her: “Are you used to Melbourne, do you like to stay here?

“Sure, I love it, I really can’t tell there’re much differences between people in Melbourne and my city in the US.”

“They are multi-cultural cities, people come from all over the world.”

Exactly, that’s what I would like to say.

In Australia, big cities like Melbourne, Sydney with lots of high educated people, they are polite, kind, gentle. They say: “Good morning, how are you?”

Occasionally, you will hear: “G’day, mate.” but I have never heard in my office, neither in the Uni. Even though, they are nice people with old fashioned language normally from countryside.

From my understanding, in the UK, not everyone speaks standard Queen English. You might be shocked if you talk with Scottish or Irish people while you traveling there: “Do they speak English? I can’t understand them, they can’t understand me.”

Actually, I prefer live in Melbourne than NewYork city where my Aunt lives.

Melbourne winter is not that cold, and summer is beautiful, whereas NewYork city, winter is very cold with snow and summer is sooo hot.

I will always appreciate living in Melbourne, it is definitely not a place only for countryside people.

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