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Palm Cove– a gateway to Great Barrier Reef

I enjoyed Palm Cove, nice and warm in Australian winter.


Palm Cove is a great place to stay if you travel around Great Barrier Reef Area for a couple of weeks.


It takes 20 minutes’ driving to Cairns, 1 hour away from Port Douglas, which is the township of Daintree National Park, the most popular rainforest tourist spot mainly visited by westerners.


In Palm Cove, there are heaps of cafes, restaurants with spectacular sea view and tropical trees in front, mountains far away.


Well, on my daughter’s birthday, we had a very nice dinner night out at Vivo, it is said one of the best at palm cove.

Public transport is also available to cairns for a day trip.


Our accommodation was very close to the beach and the main street where the most restaurants were.


Here I would like talk about self-service apartment, I know, this is very common for Aussies.


But in China, whenever we travel, we used to rent a hotel where the cooking facilities are not available.


After I arrived self-service apartment in Palm Cove, I couldn’t help smiling “Wow,it’s soooo beautiful!!!”


The tropical palm trees were just in front of the balcony, which looked exactly like a picture.

I was fascinated as this was the first time I have ever experienced massive Tropical trees.


Usually, we had one western meal in a restaurant, eg, Italian pizza, spaghetti , beef, steak, lamb, garlic prawn , seafood etc.


as a seaside city, fish & chips is highly recommended for its freshness.


For dinner, most restaurants in Palm Cove should be booked in advance; otherwise you might have to wait for a while.


Brunch is all right, seats are available everywhere.


Meanwhile, we also cooked at least one Chinese meal at the apartment

Beef, lamb, chicken, seafood, bacon, sausages are almost the same price as in Melbourne.


Veggies were expensive compared to the ones I used to buy at Queen Vic Market, Melbourne. Almost all kinds of veggies were over AUD 5/kilo.


It was limited, most time we had potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cauliflowers, cucumbers, mushrooms, frozen corn ( which seems cheap) etc.


That’s the problem, every time I travelled around Australia; I realized how lucky my Melbourne home as it was so close to Queen Vic Market where all the Asian Green leave veggies could be easily found at a reasonable price.


Australia is a very lucky country, free BBQ facilities can be accessed everywhere.


We bought our BBQ stuff at Coles beforehand.


It was a raining day, but it didn’t stop us having BBQ Lunch outside.

Sitting under the shed, we were enjoying the brilliant sea view, watching people sitting at the restaurants and dog lovers walked passing by.


Cooking while eating, what a relaxing day!!!!

Every night, we discussed: “Tomorrow, we must get up early to watch sunrise and take photos.”


But I am not a morning person at all as I get up no earlier than 7:20 every morning and my family come from China, where is 2 hours later than Melbourne, so you can imagine.


Getting up at 6:00 am, watching the sunrise would be a miracle to us.


No, no, no, in the end, we could never make this happen once within 9 days.
Time went so fast, at the last day, we decided to have a nice Brunch at Chill Café before leaving.

It was such a beautiful sunny day; the café shop was surrounded by the best scenery, which was like in the paradise. 


We shared salt and pepper calamari, fish & chips, pumpkin & feta salad and wraps.

“The iced coffee was the best” My brother said.

I was really happy when a young pretty girl told me that she loved my clothes. 

“Wow, you made my day.” I loved to hear that.

In a while, my mobile was ringing: “Hey, please come here, someone’s having wedding at the beach.”

Wasn’t it in the movie or in my dream?  Simply I didn’t wanna leave.

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