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Everything happens for a reason.

Wechat people nearby

In my life, I have never ever opened up Wechat people n […]

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sorry, mate, my English is not perfect

Last Saturday, I received a kind message after my artic […]

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you can be the one who you admire most

You can be the one you want There’s no doubt that you c […]

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Chinese parents vs Aussie parents- old generation

My parents My Mum  in her 70s, who is a typical traditi […]

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I am not that smart

If you think you are born inferior, then I am gonna tel […]

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Please don’t judge people by your limiting beliefs

Chinese drivers could be very good   I’ve heard quite a […]

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why you are not happy?

You expect happiness from someone else, you can’t contr […]

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Have you taken action for a change

Knowledge is only potential power until it comes into t […]

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Hysada Apple Watch Band 42mm, Genuine Leather Band Single Tour Replacement Smart Watch iWatch Strap Bracelet

Latest updated version. Top quality genuine leather, la […]

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Moon Night

We usually get used to the deep night. Though it is tim […]

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