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Moon Night

We usually get used to the deep night. Though it is time to rest up we just cannot find it right to sleep well even we do not know what we should do. Maybe we are waiting for someone with whom we are longing for talk. While that guy just does not come out. What we have is all imagination and thinking on him or her. We might have the mind of wondering among the internet yet do not have clues for the clear idea about what is the station of the destination. By clicking the mouse, no more thoughts have taken account of the fitness, we are ruining our well being and do not feel guilty till we finally realize that is the best gift we own the good health.  When something got lost, then we might know the importance of holding the present. Otherwise, we never notice the existence of self value. 
Most guys come to cities for the purpose of fighting a better life. They do not know what the future is to be like. Usually they are caged into a shabby rented apartment and the chummage accounts a large portion of their incoming. That is the reality and also the dream where they started from. In the deep night, quietness dominates everything. From dim windows, many are still working hard. They either prepare for an exam of certificate or study for the sake of further education. Anything which is likely to change their destiny, that is deserved. The high price of a house makes most ordinary people stuck in the dilemma and they are still struggling for an better future. Whether it is just right to catch up the inflation, they are trying. Better than doing nothing. 
It demonstrates the rules of living in cities. Everyday some migrate to join the army of city dreams, and others have generated the idea of going back to hometown or a place far away from the metropolis. The colorful streets lamps are there decorating the city and that solitude stored in mind and hardly to remove. Actually, we feel better when we embrace solitude since no one can escape that feeling. When we are alone, with nobody else around, we strongly have that feeling coming from inner mind. But it is all right that we can cope with it so long as we view that a normal phenomenon. As in an old friend accompanies us at any time. Just be okay with it. 
Never fall into the trouble of loneliness. Since we are not the single one who are wading over the ocean of hardship on the canoe by ourselves. Every time when we exhaust, we have nicer relaxation when it comes to the thought of a better tomorrow. Though it is very hard to attain great success, we can be sure that we are not a loser, because we are doing what we want all the time. Never let the faith miss from the promised oath.

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