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I’ve received Original Writing from wechat

I was on holiday at palm cove when I received message from wechat that I have been authorized Original Writing for my wechat subscription no. Englishpassion.


Haha, I’ve reached my first goal in one and half month‘ which was much earlier than what I expected half or one year as wechat announced.


According to the official website, writers must post articles regularly with 80% written by themselves and  what some professional writers wrote that they’ve obtained Original Writing not that easy after struggled for a while.


Probably, they all wrote Chinese, which would be harder to distinguish whether that was original or fake ones


From my experience, I wrote 100% by myself at least 2 English articles per week.


 Obtaining Original Writing means a lot to a writer, firstly, it is lawful, no other subscription no. is allowed to use his or her articles unless there’s agreement made beforehand.



For another reason, more functions are opened up to writers. e.g. there’s one comment section at the right bottom with 3 Chinese words and a pen sign.


Therefore, if you press that sign, it will come out a page for writing comments.

A writer has the right to select ones if it suits for everybody.


It is your privilege if you would like other people see your words, please enter comments in that section rather than send me texting message so that I could post your words for public readers.

I do appreciate and I am very proud of wechat for creating this advanced system for writing lovers which has completely changed the way of how to publish articles by submitting to magazines and that might discourage writers a lot if not hearing feedback from editors.


 Since I started Englishpassion, some interesting things are happening to me, which I have never expected.


I have some really nice mind-like people around, who used to send me beautiful words for my English writing, which encourages me a lot, thanks for that.


And one native English speaker in Melbourne is helping me by giving me suggestions for how to use alternative English words. I do appreciate for that.

Here I also thanks so much for all the people in China who have joined.


 After I opened up nearby people for locals, magic is happening, there’s increasingly numbers of people are joining Englishpassion. 

From 31 a month ago to 95 so far, and almost half people live in Melbourne.


To start with, I did accept friends requests and told them that account was temporary; I would delete them if you didn’t join Englishpassion. 


But after a while,I found that was not a good way for finding readers as I felt guilty after I deleted half of them from my friends’ list.


Then I only accepted very few who seemed interested in my articles instead of my profile photos, but I really have no time for replying personal texting by asking:“Where do you live?  How long you have been in Australia? What do you do?”


“Sorry, I am afraid you can know me better by reading my articles.” I replied them.


Gradually, I felt exhausted for accepting friends, eventually, I stopped.


But I still open up wechat nearby people, if someone is truly interested in my articles, they will join Englishpassion, if someone is only looking for friendship or texting,then no worries me.


By the way, I do love making new friends by knowing their unique stories which is helpful for my writing. Probably face to face communication is a wise choice.

the reason for writing as i miss Uni life for good friendship

English writing for a subscription no. is not an easy thing, it is time consuming. Sometimes,editing, finding pictures and music take more time than writing an article.


Most time my eyes are really sore, especially, I have to stare at 2 screens of a computer for small numbers at my workplace 8 hours a day.


You can imagine how unwillingly I would be if I reply to those silly private questions one by one.


However, I am more than happy if someone makes comments for my writing, I will reply definitely.

Everyone, if you have a dream, please take your action, you never know what happens to you.

Please don’t hold on to your dreams by wasting time.  It is actually always exciting, you will never have time getting bored.


Probably, there’s something amazing waiting for you, please don’t tell me you are too old to start a dream, I am much older than you guys I guess.

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