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if you find your gift, you have no time for bored

As far as I’ve noticed, there are quite a lot of people feel lonely or bored no matter they work 8 hours a day or doing Gym and exercises for keeping themselves busy after work, but they still find something missing. They need relationship, they need friends.


However, after 6 months or so, if not fortunately enough, the relationship break, which causes triple pain than being alone. If you are looking for friendship, sometimes it is also not that reliable. I found one funny post: “I’m at that awkward age where half my friends are engaged and having babies and the other half are too drunk to even find their phones.”


That’s very true, friendship can last for a life time, but most friends we don’ get chance to see them, we only communicate with them on wechat or facebook by texting or seeing posting.


In China, if you have never left your hometown since you were born, lucky you, you can hang up with lifetime classmates, friends.  But if you pursue a dream go to a bigger city like Shanghai etc. or like me, being overseas. After finished my degree, almost half friends returned back to their own countries, and most others getting married and having kids. There are very few left you can count on for sharing your feeling whenever you need them.


Then you might have to join activities in order to know more new friends, but all the relationship, friendship can’t help you out from feeling loneliness, they are just temporary for a short time companionship. Most time you have to be alone.


How do I know it? Because I have experienced exactly the same feeling as you guys, being bored, being lonely, looking for someone else help me out, but in vain. It was until I started English writing, especially created wechat account : Englishpassion, I am becoming so busy, active, happy and energetic, it is like a lifetime friend who accompany me all my life.


Sorry, I don’t mean friendship is not important. Truly we need friendship very much, but it also depends on the other side, you can’t fully control it. Your gift is different; it will be with you forever. Eg, someone like painting or photographing, then go for it, you might be famous one day, who knows.


You don’t have to quit your job, you can do it in your free time, it is not for money, but one day you might can use your gift making money once you master it.  Anyway, it will make your life full, you are fulfilling your potential, that’s the reason we come to this world.


As it is said passion is a powerful driving force that helps us live with energy and excitement, and helps us live life to the fullest, therefore, find out your unique gift, do thing with passion.




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