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I am a crazy fan of traditional Chinese yummy food

One of the main reasons travelling in China is for its traditional Chinese favour yummy food.


Every 1 hour’ driving, there’s different accent and different cuisine.


The ones I missed most are Shanghai Cold dishes and live lake crabs as they are almost not available in Melbourne. Hand-made Dumplings are everywhere since new immigrants rushed into Melbourne.


Just a couple of hours’ driving from ShangHai, Lake Tai is famous for its “Lake Tai 3 writes.” Very tiny white shrimps, salangid and white lake fish; No wondering Chinese people in that area are skinny, you can imagine, how little the “3 whites”, no matter how many you eat, you won’t feel very full compared to Beef steaks.


As far as I’ve noticed Canton Cuisine is one of the best in westerner’s eyes as it is the first one being brought overseas. In early days, the majority were canton restaurants in Melbourne, from Yum Cha to the live fish, seafood.


But if you visit GuangZhou,  you will be surprised by how popular yum cha is, it is a way of living for people there having a traditional morning tea, get together with friends, families in the restaurant, from morning till afternoon.


You will have a feeling, 3 days absolutely is not enough to taste all even if you have 4 meals a day. From street food, Fish skin (ChenTianJi), if you hear the name, you might say, “Oh, no, that’s not for me.” But if you go there, have a try, you will change your mind: “Let’s go again tomorrow.” Well, there are heaps professional restaurants for its fine food.


ShanTou and ChaoZhoun two cities which are close to Canton, they are all popular for those hundred years old traditional Chinese snacks, I couldn’t forget the taste of AiXiGanMian and PiaoXiangXiaoShi which were hidden in a small lane of old city area, if you don’t search internet beforehand, you would not find it.


Seafood Market stand attracts both local and tourists for selecting live seafood, watching immediately cooking while tasting it by sitting outside;

I was happy as I found ShanTou Hot Pot Beef ball was opened up in Shanghai not far from where my apartment is. Awesome!!!


By the way, Shanghai is a city you can enjoy the best food from all over the country and all over the world, But if you travel around, listening to the local accents, sitting with different people, experiencing different cultures, that’s the unique feeling.


That last one I would like mention here is SiChuan cuisine, it seems to me no spicy hot no life in ChongQing. Even if you ordered not very spicy one, probably, it will be 10 times stronger than the one in Melbourne. Once,I had broken the world record as I had 6 small bowls of rice in one meal when I had HuNan cuisine SanXiaGuo, without those rice, I simply couldn’t handle the spicy hot food.


When I returned back to Melbourne, my friend was very surprised: “Oh, you are not afraid of spicy at all?” “No, I am used to it, compared the one in ChongQing, it is like a baby, that’s nothing.”


I am not gonna write too much here, probably, I need to write another chapter for the rest.

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