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How to be a successful goal achiever

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.


Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.


Genius will not; Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb;


Education will not; The world is full of educated failures.


Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent.



        Calvin Coolidge  –




I have posted an article regarding how to learn English as second language in China as someone asked: “I want to improve my English,could you please give me some ideas?”


But that’s just from my experience, actually for what level your English is or what level your English will be, it’s completely related to how much effort you have put.


Whether you have learnt English on a regular basis? Have you made a detailed plan? Have you put it on your priority list?


I remembered in teachers’ eyes I was not a good student being selected into English Group in junior high school, which disappointed me a lot.


I also failed so many times for taking English self-taught exams while doing a full time job and taking care of my little daughter.


 My English learning was always stuck at chapter one which could never move forward.


However, I kept going without stopping.


I used to recite vocabularies while I was doing housework.


I used to keep a small piece of paper with me so that wherever I went, I could read vocabularies, phrases or sentences without wasting one minute.


I used to make detailed plans for how to improve English four sections each day by focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing, which took almost all my leisure time.


 After being a full-time student in China, for the first 2 years, I spent almost 10 hours a day for accumulating basic English knowledge including looking up the dictionary for all the unknown words, which was a tedious progress..


Until now, I am re-starting that habit in order to make full use of the time.


I type out beautiful English sentences, memorize it whenever I take a train, tram or wait in a queue.


Without hard work, I don’t think I was able to compete with 10 years’ younger classmates and successfully won the study excellent scholarship from Latrobe Uni in Melbourne, the only one student out of 40 in the class.




The Ugly truth is the majority people of my age in China who have graduated from a reputable Uni or completed an English degree.


I can’t say their English is as good as me at the moment because they stopped learning.


I don’t trust people who keep telling me how clever they are as they can get excellent marks without putting effort.


I know one guy who graduated from one famous Uni in China; you know what he’s doing in Australia? He’s living on centrelink benefit from government.


As he thinks he’s too smart to do office or labour work, he’s born of a genius.


Unfortunately, he quit a great job in China by doing nothing in Australia.


Probably he’s lack of flexibility for adapting to a new cultural environment.


So no matter what situation you are, a wonderful past doesn’t guarantee you a bright future if you don’t keep update to the new things.


However, if you have ever disappointed by your past, as long as you start making a detailed plan by taking massive action  with self-determination and keep persistence. 


You will experience something amazing, which will make you completely life changing. 


Keep going, never give up, trust me, you’ll reach your goal one day.

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