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How long have been looking at your phone?

When we are walking along the roads, sitting in the buses, eating food or lying on the beds, we fix our eyes on mobile phone screens all the time.

We know there are a lot of tasks we have to do, but the more important one is checking our phones. Our whole life seems to be made up of Facebook, Instagram, Weibo and other Apps

Few of us recognize the situation that we sit there for several hours or stay up late just for something meaningless. What’s more, we are not willing to change it even when we realize it. We all know that looking at phones for a long time is bad for our spine, eyesight, sleeping. However, it’s hard for most of us to get rid of the temptation of phones so as the internet. Both of our brains and app designers hope us focus on the phones. We drop in honey traps which phones set.

It’s no doubt that smart phones benefit our life a lot. But every coin has two sides. It is not too late to put down your phones and do something meaningful. Just put down your phone and connect it to a bluetooth speaker and then enjoy your life!



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