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Have you taken action for a change

Knowledge is only potential power until it comes into the hands of someone who knows how to get himself to take effective action.

– Anthoy Robbins –

Sally wants a job, but never make it happen

When I met friend Sally, I couldn’t help asking: “Hey, how’s your job going?”

“Hmm, no good, I haven’t found an accounting job yet.”


As far as I know she’s got a Master’s Degree in accounting, how could it be possible that she can’t find a job? That’s bizarre.


“Maybe my English is not good enough, maybe I don’t have local office work experience, I am the most unlucky person in the world.”


“Hang on, Sally, how many jobs you have been applying for?”

“Not many, indeed, I didn’t apply often. You know, I have kids to look after, I have housework to do, I am always busy.”


“What? Are you kidding me, Sally? Come on, I am sure you can make it, please do not give up.”

Action produces success

I used to admire  my friend, James, actually, I’ve got a bit jealous when I heard he’s doing accounting in one big four accounting firm in Australia.


“Why it’s not me? How could you be so lucky?”


“No, it’s not me lucky, to be honest, I have been sent more than 300 job applications in the past few years and I paid attention to all the interviews and resumes.”


“I’ve got my first job in finance department of a government company, but I wasn’t motivated enough, so I kept sending resumes at night while working in the day.”

After that, I had a job in a private accounting firm, but it was very stressful, I wasn’t happy about my boss either. Again, every night and weekends, I have never stopped looking for jobs. After a long time, eventually, I’ve got this one.”


“Also I attend CPA and CA program in order to keep myself up to date.”


“Wow, excellent, you are my hero.”

I realized the difference between Sally, James and I was that James had a clear target when he was in the Uni: “I must work in a big 4 accounting firm.”


Whereas Sally and I, we didn’t really know what we wanted to do in the future.


I did commerce degree mainly for PR purpose, but I didn’t prepare enough to be a CPA,  as what I wrote in the previous article that I hesitated so many years, I’ve got no idea what I was gonna to do, then I stuck and wasted a lot of time.


I also noticed that there was not much difference between three of us: we had the similar Uni degree, English language at the same level with no local work experience.

The only difference James is doing his dreamed job as he knew what he wanted, and went directly towards the goal by taking immediate action.


Therefore, before you doubt about your ability, knowledge, background, language whether you are qualified for a job. Please remind yourself if you know what you really want and take action go for it.


That would never be easy to start with at any time, however, there’s always a chance for those who have well prepared and believe they can make their dream come true.

Kathy got her 4 years’ tax return done

One day, my Aussie colleague Kathy was very happy in the morning.


“You are different today, what happened to you?” I asked.


“Yes, I am so excited, finally, I paid a professional accountant for my 4-year tax return done.”


“Wow, Congratulations!!! You rock.”


Everyone knows in my office Kathy always wanted her tax back so that she could use the extra money for traveling.


But 1 year passed, again 2 years, 3 years, nothing happened.


“Yes, I really really want to get my tax return done” Kathy swore each year.


“How could it be so hard for you to do it, Kathy?” I was curious.


“Oh, well, my Dad got shares under my name, I have property investment and I’ve got invoices missing, which frustrated me so much, I just don’t wanna bother.”


She used to stuck on tax return thing for years, but she could never make up her mind to do it, which stressed her out.

At the beginning of 2016, she’s gonna make a big change, she made a new year resolution and did what she planned.


Gradually, she’s becoming a new version: she’s planning a trip to Europe with the money she’s got from tax return; she sorted out the junk from one store room which she would like to do, but never made it, and she gets up 30 minutes’ earlier every day for a morning walk.


Therefore, if you know what you want, no matter how many plans you’ve made, if you don’t take action, then nothing will happen to you.

Only if you take it seriously, do what you planned, then good fortune will follow you.

Design a life you love

If I haven’t joined a course: “Design a life you love”, I would have never been here for my English writing.


Although I’ve got what I wanted in the past 20 years after struggling a lot: studying abroad, a Uni degree, PR, a job and a nice place to live.


I found I was not that full, once I reached the peak, I felt empty again.


I wondered why I was not as happy as the time I was doing a casual cleaning job.


One day I did 30 powerful questions which reminded me what I really wanted.


I found the happiest moment when I was sitting at the desk reading and writing, but I haven’t done it since I completed Uni degree.


“What’s for, if I don’t study CPA, why bother.” I even never thought about borrow a book from the library.

If it is not for money making why I read a book, that’s useless, I was stuck by my limiting beliefs.


One day, I received an email from an American lady which I enjoyed her articles very much: “I have an online course which will help you find your dream.”


“Join or not join.” I couldn’t make up my mind, “No, why bother.”


At the last day, I received the email again: “There are only a few hours left…if you don’t join, you might have to wait for another year..”


I was not happy about myself, there’s one missing part in my life.

If I paid for the lesson, if it was not useful, I just regarded it waste less than USD100, but if I didn’t take it, I had no idea how to get my life out of it.


At the last minute, I decided I was gonna make a change, then I paid the class.


In return,  I’ve got huge benefits from it as I was being with a very nice lady, she taught me how to find my dream, and how to be myself, living a life of fulfilling and satisfaction.


After that, I’ve read a lot of interesting books, from where I’ve got inspired and encouraged, that’s the reason I created my wechat subscription no: Englishpassion 5 months ago.


Trust me, I have never written any English articles before because I was too scared to write from most of the exams as I could never get good marks for writing subjects, my mathematics was much better.


But now I am doing writing, I just enjoy it, because it is like freestyle, I can write whatever on my mind, and it helps me keep reading, get improved and becoming happier.

It is exactly the same to you, if you really enjoy something, please don’t say you can’t do it, as long as it brings you happiness, then start doing it from a small step, magic will happen to you soon.

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