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5-day Tasmania self drive(1) – East Coast

wool clouds at Orford and Swansea

If you are a nature lover, then Tasmania is one of the best places for a visit

When you drive around the countryside, you can hardly see people except a few cars passing by and hundreds of sheep on the farm.

How lucky the sheep for growing on this beautiful island with fresh air.

While driving along the eastern coast from Hobart to Freycinet National Park, we stopped by beautiful seaside towns: Orford and Swansea.

My daughter was very excited: “Hey, Mum, please look at that wool clouds.”


I looked up to the sky, wow, it was amazing, they were scattered through the blue sky in separate little piles.

Devil’s Corner

On the way to Bicheno, I found a lookout: “Stop, stop, let’s have a look.” I told my husband.


I was wondering why it was named Devil’s Corner, Devil sounds like evil spirit to me. And then I found a lot of things be called Devil, eg,Devil’s kitchen, Tasmania Devil etc.


That was weird, how could Tasmanian people love Devil so much? I couldn’t get the answer.


It was until yesterday one Aussie colleague told me: “No,Tasmania Devil is an animal, it’s not what you thought DEVIL.”


“Really? now I understand. Thanks.”

By the way, Devil’s Corner is a place for wine tasting, having seafood while enjoying the beautiful vineyard with sea views in front.

My daughter and I couldn’t help walking towards the vineyard, picking up wild yellow flowers and green weeds, lovely.


Devil’s Corner cellar and lookout are well-designed by professionals, a very nice place for a break.


My husband was a bit mad about the photograph and he was really impressed by red color rocks from a magazine.  A lady at the reception desk of our accommodation said they were available at Bicheno.


I took a look at a map and I found that Bicheno was very close to the Freycinet National Park which was on my traveling plan. “Ok, we will arrange a day trip there.”


After arriving Bicheno at lunch time, we were looking for a restaurant. There are only two near the information center, one is a bakery shop; the other one sells Pizza.


“No, we are not gonna have pizza and bakery at a seaside city, we prefer seafood.”


I looked around, at the side of the road, there is a sign: Gulch, Seafood. My husband drove following the signs. “Here we are. It’s Gulch.”


Gulch is a fish and chips shop actually, but it’s the best I’ve ever been for its stunning sea view.

We ordered freshly made seafood basket which contained fishes, prawns, scallops, calamari rings, oysters, and chips. We added extra one piece of salmon fillet and 2 pieces of fishes.


I particularly asked the lady: “Please cook us very crispy chips, I don’t like soft ones.” “Sure thing, we are the best.”

While waiting for the lunch, My Mum and I sat in front of the shop by the sea, watching hundreds of seabirds sitting on giant rocks in the sea and a few fishermen carrying fishes from their boats to shore.


My husband and daughter were taking photos for those red color rocks, which was very unique.

Nearly run out of petrol at Coles Bay

After lunch, we continued our journey towards the destination Wineglass Bay at Freycinet National Park. At that time, my husband realized there’s not much petrol left.


“What? Are you joking? Why didn’t you check before? This is the national park!!”  I was annoyed as I worried about running out of petrol, the car would have to be stopped in the middle of nowhere; then we had to dial emergency numbers “000” due to poor reception. In the end, we might get a big fine from a car rental company. I couldn’t imagine that.


“There’s still some left, it’s really hard to read.” My husband explained. “But we have to fill some if there’s a petrol station.”


Luckily, at Coles bay, there’s a small petrol station, which was the most expensive one at eastern coast. Normally, for standard unleaded petrol was $1.23-$1.27 per liter, this one cost $1.35 per liter, so we paid $10 for a small amount, just for driving around the national park.

Freycinet National Park

It was a steep uphill walk on a rocky, well-constructed track from the car park to the wineglass bay lookout. I was surprised that my Mum’s walking speed was faster than three of us.


She’s always in front waiting for us; probably she’s scared of being lost behind us.


Haha, eventually, we reached the lookout, everyone’s there either taking photos or enjoying the spectacular bay view.

There were still 1 and half hour return to the beach, fortunately, my Mum was waiting at the lookout without continuing down to the beach with us.

It was much harder to walk on a steep track which was full of rocks. Actually, I couldn’t tell there’s a real track.


But we made it, my husband was really happy when he saw those red rocks at the beach: “Hey, are you ready for photos?”  “Absolutely,” I said.

When we went back to the lookout, my Mum was playing with a little animal.

“Wow, it’s so cute.”

“That’s a kind of kangaroo, but it always stays at that size.”One Aussie lady told me. Sorry, I can’t remember the actual name for that animal.

Enjoying wonderful sunset on the way home

There’s another 2 and half hour drive from the park to our accommodation in Hobart.

The golden landscape was so different from the morning drive, the best time for photos taking, which looked like a painting.


When it turned dark at daylight saving time, we arrived at our accommodation by 9:00pm. What a busy day!!!


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