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what is fun

Fun is going after what you want and meeting new people and making discoveries and fashioning things never seen before and learning things you didn’t know. That’s exciting, and excitement is half joy and half fear- that’s the way it is. It’s like skiing or diving into a pool- a little scary but lots of fun.


–         Barbara Sher –


By the way, I am having swimming course—Advanced level, I have learnt “Chicken,aeroplane soldier” breast stroke recently, from the most beginner level (water familiar) last year by sharing swimming pool with very little kids, could be my grandchildren’s age, how embarrassing!!!

But who cares…There’s lots of challenge,lots of fun. That’s the only thing matters.

You can also learn English at any age with the great expectation that one day you could communicate very well with people all over the world.

All the best of the wishes

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